10,240 Chickens Project in Tanzania A-Type Laying Hen Cage

October 19, 2023

This is a 10,000 chickens project in Tanzania using our A-type laying hen cage system.

1. 10,240 Chicken Project with A-Type Laying Hen Cage:
Farm Site: Tanzania
Farm Equipment Lists:
A-type laying hen cage with drinking system, feeding system.
Farm Solution:
This 10,240 chickens project in Tanzania, we recommend our customer A type 4-tier 5-door layer cage. The specification of this a-type layer cage is 1950mm*450mm*410mm. It can hold 160 chickens per set.
The chicken house size we recommend to our customers is 38*15*3.5M. We recommend that customers place 64 sets of A-type laying hen cage system in the chicken house: 16 sets per row, 4 rows in total. Therefore, a total of 10,240 laying hens can be raised. Greatly improved the customer's space utilization, as well as the breeding volume, and increased the output of the customer's chicken farm.
10,000 Chickens Project in Tanzania A-Type Laying Hen Cage
2. A-Type Laying Hen Cage Delivery Cycle:
It took a total of 2 months from the customer's order to the receipt of the goods and installation. We received the customer's inquiry about our a-type layer cage in July and provided the customer with a detailed chicken farm plan and the best price of a-type laying hen cage system. So the customer placed the order in mid-July. We immediately arranged production and delivery for the customer, and the customer received the goods and installed them in mid-September. Now the client's farm is running well and it's time to lay eggs.
3. Cusotmer Feedback on A-Type Laying Hen Cage 
"Thank you very much to livi poultry farming equipment for providing me with all-round services. Their cages are of very good quality. My chicken farm is running very well now. I plan to expand my chicken farm next March and will contact livi poultry farming equipment again." from Mr. Triram.